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My Services

Strategic Planning
  • Thorough Analysis
  • Cutting-edge Innovation
  • Universal Inclusion
  • Effective Communication
  • Unified Collaboration
  • Precise Metrics
Deaf Consulting
  • Strategic Adaptability
  • Creative Innovation
  • Inclusive Policy
  • Active Engagement
  • Interactive Workshops
  • Expert Guidance
ASL Translating
  • English-ASL 
  • Translation Solution 
  • Meeting Preparation Support
  • ASL to English Transcript
  • Translation Solutions & more

Discover the Advantage of Choosing My Deaf Consulting Service

As a Deaf individual, I’ve navigated communication and accessibility barriers from birth to the present, transforming a challenging journey into a path of discovery and solutions. My passion is to offer you these solutions, honed from my lived experiences. The authenticity of a Deaf individual’s journey offers you a wealth of tailored solutions beyond what general public information can provide. Deaf clients and the community value specific, experienced-based insights from those with firsthand understanding. Let’s explore how my unique perspective can bring clarity and accessibility to your world.

Communication Strategies

Deaf communication

My Community Involvement

Provincial Accessibility Committee

The Provincial Accessibility Committee is an advisory committee to British Columbia Government established under the Accessible British Columbia Act.

Community Advisory Group

Dedicated to enhancing equitable access to healthcare services for Deaf, Deaf-Blind, and Hard of Hearing patients across British Columbia.

GVAD IBPOC Committee

Championing diversity and inclusion within the IBPOC committee, focusing on impactful strategies for equity and representation across communities.

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